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The world is currently facing an aggressive and deadly pandemic that it cannot contain.

In the medical world, everyone is looking for solutions to reduce this scourge, to treat the sick, and if possible to cure them.

A vaccine is not imminent; developing one could take more than a year.


The Belgian Institute for Endobiogeny and Integrative Physiology (IBEPI), dedicated to medical education, is exceptionally involved in the research for an urgent solution and wants to present its discovery, resulting from an intense pooling of the expertise of doctors with a long experience in phyto-aromatherapy.

It has created a formula based on medicinal plants in a capsule form that has shown very encouraging results since its use by patients and health professionals (see statistics).

Developed by doctors and produced by pharmacists specializing in phyto-aromatherapy, this phyto-antiviral capsule is composed of several essential oils as well as dry extracts of plants that protect the lungs and stimulate immunity.

The most effective and rapidly available means against this virus and pandemic is the use of medicinal plants and especially essential oils. We know that essential oils have been widely studied in the 20th century and have been the subject of numerous scientific publications.

An essential oil is composed of more than 200 different components. And the medicinal plant is characterized by the synergy of all its components.

It is therefore impossible to create resistance to all its components.

At present, there is no bacterial, viral or parasitic resistance to an essential oil.

This is why the IBEPI wishes to inform the political and medical world and patients of the existence of this treatment accessible to all.

Press kit:

-           Coronaviruses and medicine

-           Presentation of Endobiogeny and Dr. Abi-Chahine

-           Results and testimonials

-           References


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